Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And So It Begins

Please forgive The Lord of Rings reference I'm about to make. This is the only part of me that leans at all towards the geek side of things. In Two Towers just before the battle of Helm's Deep, King Theoden is standing on the top of the wall in the middle of the night with his entire army ready to battle the forces of Sauron and Saruman. As it starts to rain off in the distance they can see the opposing army approaching. He stands there getting wet and very stoically says, "And so it begins." There is no fear in his voice, it's very matter of fact. He has no idea what will happen that night but he's ready for it, no matter what.

I had my "and so it begins" moment late Monday night. Vacation is over, everyone is back and our season is kicking into full production mode. I had two back to back meetings on Monday evening. Both good meetings, things were accomplished. I came home with a ton of things to do, so as I sat working late into the night on Monday night, that phrase, "And so it begins" popped into my head. We are looking at another ambitious year, full of fun, excitement and uncertainty. Uncertainty because with any theatre company or performance for that matter you never know what could happen. The good thing is that like King Theoden, we are ready for it, there is no fear in us. We will jump into this new year, embrace it, have fun with it, create and live in it. It truly is exciting!

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