Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Next Thing

It's been about six weeks since New York. In some ways it seems like we got back to Los Angeles yesterday and in other ways I feel like that adventure had to have been a dream of a journey that happened in another lifetime. Coming back to LA was a bit rough, granted life in NYC was idyllic, nearly perfect, no jobs, just fun, theatre and friends, a very far cry from normal life.

It's taken me a few weeks to get excited again, to find my drive, to find the next thing that makes me excited. And then about 10 days ago I found it. It's not quite ready to be announced, but it will be soon. It will occupy nearly as much of my life as Friends Like These and thankfully involve some of the same people. It's something completely different in several ways. The concept is new, it pushes limits, stretches imaginations, lets me officially try another role, and is exceptionally ambitious. All of that is what makes it "the next thing."

There are other smaller things that will fill in the gaps and keep me working. The next installment of 25 PPH goes up in a few weeks. It's another great show, 25 plays in 60 minutes (well, roughly 60 minutes!). Our fourth season will be announced and starting pre-production soon and the roller coaster of a new season will begin all over again.

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