Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Hour at St. Patrick's Cathedral

One of my favorite places in NYC is Saint Patrick's Cathedral. So when I had some time one day before meeting my mom and stepdad lunch I decided to stop in for a few moments.

A few subway stops and a 10 minute walk later I found myself slipping into one of the pews at St. Pat's for a bit of reflection. It's an amazing place, quiet and peaceful, despite the tourists wandering through with their cameras. As I sat there reflecting and thinking tears started to flow. For good and bad, happy and sad things. I won't share everything here, some of things are just for me. But some of the tears were happy tears, thankful tears. Tears for all the things I've been given. Tears for how lucky I am to be in NY, to be doing what I love, to be with people I care about. Tears of thankfulness, tears of appreciation, tears of love.

I found myself wishing for things that can be, for things that can never be. It felt good to take a few moments and center myself. Put things into perspective, let things out and sit and listen for an answer. It came in an odd way, an overwhelming feeling of calmness. No definitive answer, no impulsive need to do anything, no immediate answer, what I was left with was definitely the sentiment of don't worry about it. What will happen will happen and it will be okay.

I sat for a few more moments enjoying that feeling and then quietly got up and walked back out onto the crowded city streets.

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