Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rolling with the Boys

Rehearsals have begun again and this time I do indeed find myself rolling with the boys. I am the sole girl hanging with a cast of 8 men and a male director and I have to admit I'm honored to be "one of the boys."

If you know me, you know that I am by stereotypical definition a girl. I don't like bugs, I don't like dirt. I wear make-up and jewelery, my hair is usually at least somewhat presentable, I like skirts and dresses, I am 100% girl. At the same time I'm a production manager and I think any female production manager has a bit of "guy" in her. I'm not afraid to climb a ladder and change a light or smack a fuse box. I'll absolutely try to move heavy set pieces and I will dig in and help with builds and strikes.

Last night as I handed the leads their costumes and watched them hop around in boxers while changing it began to sink in that I am one of them. Throughout rehearsal the sex jokes fly around the room. At times I find myself a bit confused but mostly I'm amused by their banter and occasionally I find myself joining in. Perhaps I was accepted as one of them more quickly because I know all of them already or perhaps it's because I have to tie them up every night and so after the boxer hopping each of them takes a turn placing their legs on my knee while I duct tape their ankles together. Whatever the reason I like being the sole girl on this project.

Guys in groups are fascinating, watching the three leads work last night was an incredible look into their camaraderie and trust for one another. This play finds these three guys bound at the wrists and ankles and blindfolded for the entire 90 minute production. To watch them adjust to these restraints, have complete faith in each other and in the director is amazing. I love watching them go in and out of their characters. One minute all so serious, so into the world they are acting in and then the next minute sharing one liners that I won't even begin to repeat here.

With every play you get a feeling. You know when you have something truly special in front of you and last night watching rehearsal that feeling set in. This one, this play, this cast, this is going to be one of those incredible productions that stays in your head for a while. For me, I plan on continuing to roll with the boys and savor every moment of it.

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