Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It just keeps going

We closed three shows this past weekend. Three, I know -- we must be crazy! Two mainstage productions running in rep with each other (note to self -- should we ever do that again, please try to convince both directors that one set is preferable to two and that one lighting plot is better than two...). Thankfully I had two of the most amazing and incredible SM's, assisted by two incredibly talented ASM's running the show and changeovers were relatively painless. The other closed show was the third installment of our late night series, Tales of An Unsettled City: Revelations.

So I know that many people would say, okay surely you are taking a break now, but no -- our next two shows, one mainstage, Friends Like These and a new late series, Pulp Graveyard, open in two weeks. Yep, two weeks. I'll be in the booth for these and I'm excited about it. I couldn't have asked for a better cast for Friends Like These.

The other bit of good news, not only for the company, but for me as well is that we now have a home space! As of today, our new home base is in North Hollywood at The Sherry Theatre. Tomorrow night will be the first time in our short history that a show will get to rehearse on the stage more than 3 days before we open. Incredible when you think about it, that we normally only get three days on the stage prior to opening. So this will be exciting -- a whole week!

Tonight is a rare night off for me, a night off meaning I'm not in rehearsal or at the theatre. I'm still working on TU things, but at least I'm home tonight!

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