Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where did the time go?

Well I suppose the easy answer to that question is VEGAS. My escape from LA last weekend took me to Las Vegas, I spent the weekend with four fantastic friends. It was exactly what I needed, only a bit too short. One more day would have been nice.

And then I came home and found myself in the middle of a complicated and truncated tech week. Truncated because we just moved into this new space, The Sherry. Because of the move and when we received access, things had to get a bit compressed, meaning, our build began over Labor Day weekend. -- The same weekend I went to Vegas. Our set designer did a fantastic job and it was over 50% complete by Monday. I'd say now we're at 75% complete...tomorrow is preview.

We've never done a preview night before. It's a luxury I think I'll enjoy. Tonight, will be our first run with lights and sound. We added costumes, by our lovely and talented costumer designer last night.

I have to admit, even when it's 2am and I'm in a theater with just five other people all working incredibly hard to finish what seems like an impossible task, this is when I'm the happiest. I get chills thinking about not only how far our company has come in such a short time period, but also me. 4 years ago I was terrified of actors. 3 years ago I was a brand new SM with absolutely no clue what I was doing. 18 months ago I became a production manager and last night I found myself discussing things like the possibilities of shimming a swinging door, the benefits of hanging lekos vs. fresnals for lights and working with someone else to figure out the best way to safely brace a flat to a wall if you can't screw into the floor. It's those moments that make me love what I do even more.

Do I get tired? Do I wish for a break? Who wouldn't...I've had a total of 6 hours of sleep in two days and will probably get maybe another six before we open on Saturday night. But do I love it, absolutely. I can't imagine being anywhere else!

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