Sunday, November 29, 2009

Moving On

It's hard for me to believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone and that November is nearly over. Together with my roommates we had 15 people in our house for dinner and another 6-8 that dropped by for leftovers later, bringing our grand Thanksgiving day total to around 25. It's not the first time I've cooked a holiday meal for that many, but every year I get nervous. There's so much riding on the turkey. I'm told it came out well ( I don't eat Turkey, not because I'm a vegetarian, I just don't really like it all that much). It was a great day though. The majority of people in our house were in some way affiliated with Theatre Unleashed. What's amazing is that this group of people is not just a theatre company, we are a family, we do come together to celebrate holidays and have a good time together. Thursday we ate, we drank (some drank way more than others ;), we played games and had a great time. It was truly what Thanksgiving should always be like.

Yesterday my roommates and I put up the Christmas Tree and decorated our house for Christmas. It's funny, when it's close to 70 degrees outside it's really difficult to convince yourself that it's Christmas time. Decorating helps, so does listening to the 24 hour a day Christmas station, but it is odd, no cold weather, no snow, just sun and palm trees. Nevertheless we are decorated and it is nearly December.

The calendars fast approach towards December also means the approach of my onstage debut with Theatre Unleashed. We had our final rehearsal today before our dress rehearsal on Tuesday night. The lines are there and I guess I'm having fun, but I still don't think I really get it. I feel bad, so many of my friends, this is their passion, this is what they love and I'm just not feeling it. I wish I was, I wish I could understand and feel that buzz that they feel, but it's not there yet. Three more days to opening, maybe that's when it will kick in!

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