Monday, October 26, 2009

The After

A while ago I wrote about "the before" part of every show. Those moments are definitely some of my favorite moments, my other favorite moments are "the after" portions of the evening. I don't intend that to mean that I don't like the actual show itself -- I do, very much, it's just that "the before" and "the after" are moments people don't think about as much.

The beauty of "the after" is that it doesn't always happen, so when it does, those moments are extra special, extra fun. Last night was one of those times. After our show last night several members of the cast went to The Cat & The Fiddle in Hollywood. A great British pub on Sunset Blvd. It's still warm in Los Angeles, so at 10:45 at night, we found ourselves sitting outside on a patio decorated with Halloween twinkle lights, listening to live jazz music, having a couple drinks and relaxing after our opening weekend. The conversation goes in and out of funny moments, planned and unplanned in the show, to random jokes and stories and back to the show again. This is "the after." It's the culmination of eight weeks of work, it's the laughter, the friendship, the bonds that come from working together to create something incredible.

Never in a million years would I have imagined this would be my life. And yet it is, as I was sitting there in the middle of Hollywood at midnight on a Sunday night laughing with my friends, the following thought raced through my head, I truly have a charmed life. It's not the life I ever thought I would have, but it is the one I have fully embraced and love. It's always a little sad to say goodbye on these nights, I know there will be more "afters," especially with this cast, there will definitely be more "afters." But as I leave there is always this fleeting thought of wanting to freeze time, wanting to stay there forever, to live in the after glow of an opening weekend, to stay in the company of good friends and good drinks for just a bit longer. Sadly the real world calls and work on the quickly approaching Monday morning beckons.

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