Saturday, October 3, 2009

Can I Blame the Full Moon?

As the production manager and co-house manager I am used to dealing with patrons who come to our shows. It's a job I actually enjoy. Most people are happy to coming to see a play. Every once in a while though you run into someone that makes you shake your head and hopefully laugh. Last night at 8:10 (as I'm waiting for the cast to make their way around the block so we can start our own show) a women comes through the door. She doesn't say hello, she just looks at our box office volunteer and says "Lisa left me a comp ticket." We don't have anyone by the name of Lisa in the show or the company. So I asked her if she was here to see Friends Like These. She said, "no, I think I'm here to see xxxxx show." First of all if you don't know the name of the show you are coming to see, maybe you shouldn't be going. I tell her that show isn't playing in our theatre this weekend. Without even pausing she looks back at me and says, "yes it is." I try to explain again that no, she definitely has the wrong theater, explaining that I'm the stage manager of the show that will be starting in a couple minutes. She then looks at me and says, "Are you sure you're in the right theater?" It took me three more minutes to convince her this was not the space she was looking for. I do blame the full moon, or maybe just general stupidity...
On the lighting god front, I think we've come to understanding. Last week I found myself up on a ladder actually having a conversation with some of the electrical outlets. It seemed to work. We've had no lighting issues for 3 whole performances. I probably just jinxed myself, but I'll take three nights in a row for now.

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