Saturday, October 24, 2009

Openings and More

Tech week has come and gone. It was a relatively calm and uneventful one. That makes me a bit nervous! I shouldn't be, last night was preview and with exception of a few minor glitches it was great. Tech week is by law not supposed to come together that easily. I'm not complaining, it's just rather odd that I've slept this week.

This show is absolutely incredible. We started with a great story and that story evolved into a fantastic play. This cast is so talented and so humble. That is the best kind of cast, it's a family, a community of actors, all coming together for the same purpose. You won't find any diva attitudes in this group. I had a moment last night sitting in the booth watching the preview where I wanted to share this experience with everyone I know. Impossible to do, but I wish it could happen. There are so many people, friends, acquaintances and others who will never get to see this and that makes me sad. I suppose that's part of the beauty of theater though, the intimacy of a live performance that can only be shared with a limited number of people, maybe that's part of what makes it special.

Tonight is not only the opening of Landscaping The Den of Saints, it is also the opening and closing of our second 24 hour theatre event. This one is called, The Artists' Nightmare. Last night three company playwrights were given topics and the number of males and females in their casts. This morning three directors received those scripts and took company actors to go rehearse. Those plays that were not even thought of at this time yesterday will be performed tonight at 11pm.

For me this is doubly exciting. The whole 24 hour theatre event, while not an original concept, is my little project inside Theatre Unleashed. I produced the first one, Acting Our Age, back in April for our first birthday and when we needed a fun Halloween fundraiser I volunteered to do another one. What makes it doubly exciting is that I am directing one of the plays that goes up tonight. My actors are off memorizing their lines right now, we'll meet again in an hour, rehearse for two hours more and then I'm off to Landscaping. They'll be ready. It's a good script and I have three talented ladies playing the roles. I guess in a way this is my directing debut! I can't wait to see the finished product on stage tonight.

After this weekend I'm looking forward to a bit of rest. Now that Landscaping is open I'll have a bit more free time. Something I haven't had for a while. I'm not sure what I'll do with all that extra time!

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