Saturday, October 31, 2009

Failures and Successes

I learned this week that even things that may initially seem like failures or flops may indeed turn out to be a success. This week was the second in our Cheap & Easy Comedy nights. You know when you have something planned and you just have this feeling that it isn't going to go right, that something will happen, I had that about this night. And I was right, the turn out was very low, mostly the comedians and their friends. I was so disappointed, I wanted to give them a good audience and make them want to come back. To my surprise they asked me if they could come back and do it again in December. I thought for sure they would leave the building and never want to think about coming back. I love when people surprise you. They had every right to be really angry that their house wasn't that large and yet they weren't. So we'll try again in December, after one of our shows, maybe that will bring them a bigger audience.

In other news, a while ago I mentioned stepping out of my stage manager box to direct, well, now I have somehow jumped miles over that box and found myself catapulted into uncharted territory. The president of our company and the director of our holiday show, Holiday Hangover, emailed me and in a moment of weakness I somehow agreed to act in the next show. Me -- acting in a play, on a stage, with lights and sound and things...a real play. Like I said it was a moment of weakness. I can't believe I agreed to this, I'm not an actor and to be performing with an incredibly talented pool of actors is very intimidating. So we'll see what happens...I suppose this blog will now become not only the thoughts of my stage managing life, but at least momentarily the thoughts of my acting life as well.

Today being Halloween, I'm off to have some fun before our show tonight and the TU Halloween party. This afternoon includes lunch with some of my favorite women followed by Where The Wild Things Are. Then it's off to the theatre with my Halloween costume. I'm going as a teabag this year. It's a revival of a costume I used in college. Maybe I'll post a picture tomorrow!

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