Sunday, October 18, 2009

Endings and Beginnings

It was with sadness that I played the ending monologue sound cue tonight. Our amazing show, Friends Like These closed after playing to sold out houses for six weeks. Fortunately for all of us it's not goodbye forever, just for a little while. All of us will be back again for three more weeks in January. It's still sad to see it end. There is an incredible bond between this show, the cast and the production team. I will miss that. I will miss each of the cast members and I will miss the electrifying energy this show gave off every night.

With each ending comes a beginning though and for me that beginning starts tomorrow. Landscaping The Den of Saints enters into tech week tomorrow night with our first rehearsal in the theater. For this show we are using the theatre next door to the one our company calls home. It's a space we've used before and is somewhat of a second home for us. Tomorrow some of the furniture will arrive, the rest will come in on Monday. The props and costumes should start arriving tomorrow too. By Friday I'm hoping the technical "click" or miracle will occur and we'll have a fantastic show to support an extremely talented cast.

Now though it's time to sleep, this may be the most sleep I'll receive this week. Tech weeks are synonymous with little sleep and lots of work. In the end though it's always worth it. When I get to the point this week where I start to question that, where I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel and when I truly start to doubt the miracle will happen, I will think back to Friends Like These, and know that yes, all the work, the lack of sleep, the nervousness are all worth it.

So Friends Like These I will miss you. It was truly an experience I will always cherish. I will see you again in a few months. Landscaping I'm looking forward to the adventure you are about to become!

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